Vista, not soooo bad?

Categories and Featured Stores on 8/11/2009 05:42:00 PM

Well, my new notebook cpu came a few days ago with Vista Premium pre-installed. Its a LOT better than I expected. Ok, it has some flaws- a few compatiblity issues, and Windows Aero- the "program" that gives your windows that glass-effect- likes to hide after system restarts...Its not THAT bad. Yea, it has a lot of running processes, but its not THAT bad. The key is to have a lot of RAM, otherwise known as memory. Now i'm not talking about hard drive space- the space you need to download/store files- i'm talking about the memory programs use to run. I have 4gbs of RAM, and I kinda love the moment. :)

Ok, if you read my last post, you know i'm on a game-hunt. I tried out the following games:

1) Asda Story
2) Perfect World
3) Florensia

Asda Story is a cute anime-based game, wonderful graphics, leveling isnt too hard, creative monsters. You can even click on the map and your charater will move to that spot! The problem? GameGuard. If your computer works fine with the anti-hack software installed, I suggest playing it. Me, i'd rather not shut off my firewall and allow parts of my antivirus software to be crashed just for a game.

Perfect World has awesome graphics, near-PERFECT character customization (from humans to elves, cats, bats, and wolves lol), and pretty cool monsters. The problem? I've never played a mmorpg that took so long to damn level! Like my ex said, "its not the 'prefect world'".

Florensia is the game i'm currently playing..This and Angels Online, of course. It uses an anti-hack program like Asda Story, but a different one. This one doesnt crash programs on my computer :D! Cute graphics/scenery, coooool monsters, and doesnt take toooooo long to level. I suppose i'll stick around this game a little. ;D

Well thats all, happy 'puting ;)