Inuyasha Final Act: Over With.

Categories and Featured Stores on 3/30/2010 10:42:00 PM

Thats right, all 26 eps are done for Inuyasha Final Act.\

I will miss watching Inuyasha...I will miss the anime, the characters, the voices...I will miss being able to think "what if 'that' happened in an episode", because the sour feeling that would follow that thought would be "not only is 'that' outrageous, but the series is over.."...

I'm happy with the endings of all the characters. I only wonder what would happen if outsiders found the well...Or maybe they destroyed it after Kagome went through? Seems like a tough bite to chew with that, but..A well like that seems pretty dangerous to me. Sango and Miroku? That's just adorable. Sesshomaru and Rin? If the series were longer, I know in my heart he'd be with Rin. Not saying a relationship, just together...Inuyasha and Kagome? I'm sure they were thinking about kids! Haha!

All in all, I love the entire Inuyasha series, and i'm more than greatful that Final Act was made and released.

Great job Rumiko!

*Runs off to go cry that its all over now* T^T