Kitty Vids/Inuyasha Final Act Eps 2 & 3

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Ok, i'm back with more vids. :) The title says it all. ;)

The first one cant be embeded, but you can watch it here: (Fatboy Slim - The Joker)

Finally, I have Inuyasha: The Final Act Eps 2 & 3 (Eng Subs) for you:

Inuyasha - The Final Act (Continuation of Inuyasha!!)

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I hope i'm not the only excited one here!

Inuyasha has returned!

I've heard all the rumors, but I wasn't sure rather to believe them or not. My mom was online, and asked me sort of randomly, "What's "Inuyasha The Final Act?"". Of course I was thinking, "Wtf is that?" SOOOO I immediately went straight to google and searched. Found out thanks to AMN (Anime News Network) that Inuyasha is back with a brand new series, woooot! Same drawing artist, loveable (and sometimes hateable) characters, same plot to defeat Naraku. So whats "new"?

Well, it's not as much "new" as it is a continuation of the series. They picked it back up from shortly after episode 167. Days, weeks, months? Who knows, but I don't believe "years" have passed.

A minor spoiler about the opening:

It's a familiar band to Inu-heads ;)

Haha that's all the spoilers i'm giving, watch it yourself! Where? Here, duh! :) I might not blog every ep, but I couldn't let myself go on without blogging the first. :)

Inuyasha - The Final Act: Episode 1, Naraku's Heart

Ian's Shoelace Site - Sawtooth Lacing

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Ian's Shoelace Site - Sawtooth Lacing

Heres a cool way to lace your shoes, lol. The site is full of other ways to lace and tie your shoes. :)

Cool Shaman King (HaoxAnna) Vids

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Heres some cool Shaman King vids I found. (NOT FULL EPISODES, CLIPS AND AMVS)

New Moon 2nd Trailer

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Enjoy, lol.

RocketDock - Works With Vista 64bit

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Download RocketDock -

While they do not SUPPORT Vista 64 bit OS, it works on my system. ;)

~Happy Docking<3

Vista, not soooo bad?

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Well, my new notebook cpu came a few days ago with Vista Premium pre-installed. Its a LOT better than I expected. Ok, it has some flaws- a few compatiblity issues, and Windows Aero- the "program" that gives your windows that glass-effect- likes to hide after system restarts...Its not THAT bad. Yea, it has a lot of running processes, but its not THAT bad. The key is to have a lot of RAM, otherwise known as memory. Now i'm not talking about hard drive space- the space you need to download/store files- i'm talking about the memory programs use to run. I have 4gbs of RAM, and I kinda love the moment. :)

Ok, if you read my last post, you know i'm on a game-hunt. I tried out the following games:

1) Asda Story
2) Perfect World
3) Florensia

Asda Story is a cute anime-based game, wonderful graphics, leveling isnt too hard, creative monsters. You can even click on the map and your charater will move to that spot! The problem? GameGuard. If your computer works fine with the anti-hack software installed, I suggest playing it. Me, i'd rather not shut off my firewall and allow parts of my antivirus software to be crashed just for a game.

Perfect World has awesome graphics, near-PERFECT character customization (from humans to elves, cats, bats, and wolves lol), and pretty cool monsters. The problem? I've never played a mmorpg that took so long to damn level! Like my ex said, "its not the 'prefect world'".

Florensia is the game i'm currently playing..This and Angels Online, of course. It uses an anti-hack program like Asda Story, but a different one. This one doesnt crash programs on my computer :D! Cute graphics/scenery, coooool monsters, and doesnt take toooooo long to level. I suppose i'll stick around this game a little. ;D

Well thats all, happy 'puting ;)

Scared of Getting Vista? I Am.

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I dont even have Vista yet (hopefully I will tomorrow, if Fedex hurrys up. >.<'), and im pretty scared about what i've been reading today. Bluntly, everywhere I go they say Vista sucks ass. Inbetween trash-talking Microsoft/Microsoft & Vista, some people actually offer a little insight and relief to the problems. Does this help? I'll have to wait and see.

Helpful Vista Links:

It's been a while, but i'm back with TONS. :)

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Sorry all, i've been a little lazy this summer. :) But Fedex says my new notebook computer should be coming today. Well, there was a delay previously on my notebook, so I believe they're estimated arrival date is a day off unifortunately. So, hopefully i'll get it tomorrow at the latest. It will be a pretty lil thang, fully customized and is already paid for with 3 year warrenty. :) With school swiftly approaching, I hope it gets here soon.

Before I get into the good stuff, I'd like to quickly shoutout the Glenville Anime Club that yours truely is apart of. Sooo, if you're in Cleveland, Ohio feel free to come to the Glenville Library. Google Map: Glenville Highschool , and nearby is our area's library.

With that said, i'd like to note a few good anime titles to check out:
1. Fate Stay Night (Great combat, yet i'm not 100% into the "fight for the prize" storyline.)
2. Doll (kinda mature mind ya, a bit of sexual themes. Different stories, not all ecchi, wrapped into one book.)
3. Tsukihime (A "boy meets female vampire" story. Lot of blood/bodys being sliced in half)
4. Vampire Bund ("Werewolf boy protects vampire princess", looks almost sick due to the young-adult look of the boy matched with the princess whos an adult trapped in a kids body, yet has a great storyline, full of love, fighting/biting, friendship, and an ecchi princess.)

Now lets check out some good bands(music):
1)Lady Gaga - Her up-beat techno/dance music plus her "cool" voice and her dirty lyrics about sex and being drunk is unbelievably good. (Check out: Polker face, Just Dance, Love Game)
2) Katy Perry - Funny how both Gaga and Perry are big hits at the same time, but they are. Both artists are quite similar in music, both creating outragious yet good music. Katy's just doesnt seem to be as much into dance beats as Gaga to me. (Check out: Waking up in Vegas, Hot & Cold)
3) Shinedown - Ok, so you heard 1 song by this group, and you classified them as being a metal or punk band or w/e. Not all of his songs are so harsh. (Check out: If You Only Knew, Second Chance) and if you dont mind a little metal, (Check out: Sound of Maddness)

Now that i've updated you on manga and music, how about we take a look at some online games that I plan to TRY out. Please realize that I havent played these games yet, though i'd like to test them when my new computer comes. Due to RAM an graphics/video card issues, I havent been able to try them, but when it comes i'll give them a try.:

(These are NOT in any kind of order)

1) Mabinogi
2) Myth Wars

I'd like to RETURN TO PLAYING these games because with a better graphics card, they should run smoother:

3)Ragnarok Online (Private servers)
4)Trickster Online
5) Angels Online (Im currently playing this sure, but i'd like to run more game clients at the same time)


Well back to my new notebook:

I'd like to start this back off by saying that Fedex's site just did a smart thing. It knows my package is late, so it removes the estimated delievery date on the tracking page. :) Sorry Fedex, I still know it's late. As a customer it makes me angry, as a tech-lover it makes me laugh.

Anyway, when it comes i'll have Sucky-Mc.-Suckface Vista OS. Im not excited about having Vista as a OS, though I dont think i'll switch until Windows 7 comes out. And even then, that means re-installing Windows and programs.

Speaking of programs, I have some programs you might like. I plan to try them on Vista. Their websites say they are compatible with Vista, but until my notebook comes I wont know for sure. Everything below is FREE:

1) Adobe Reader Lite - Lighter version of adobe reader, which we all know is slow as heck.
2) Avira AntiVirus Software - Antivirus software
3) CCleaner - Cleans your Registry as well as things such as browser cookies an cache.
4) Comodo - Firewall. It has its flaws (likes to pop up and ask you if its ok for blah blah blah to run), but hey, it works. It even has a thing called "Threatcast", which shows you the percentage of what other users selected for the program in question.
5) CleanMem - RAM cleaner that runs in the background in your selected interavals, speeding up your computer nicely.
6) Defraggler - Computer defragmenter. "Wait, Windows comes with one of these." Ahem..You're trusting something by microsoft to get the job wrong? Yeah, try this instead.
7) Firefox - Best. Web Browser. Ever. (Check out my article on serveral web browsers: )
8) Flash Disinfector - Remove viruses like "auto-run" from your flashdrive. If you use school computers/library computers with your flashdrive like me, you might wanna give this a run every once in a while.
9) Game Booster - Boost computer [RAM] performance. I havent had this program more than a few months, but I cant live without it now. It temporarily shuts down background processes that are using your ram that you dont need. Simple to use. Great for while gaming (like the title says) but also other programs that use a lot of ram.
10) Malware Bytes - O.M.G. Love at first..scan. :) Found a lot of stuff my old antivirus software *cough*Mcafee free version*cough* missed, and now its installed on almost all the computers in my household.
11) Messenger Plus! Live - WLM Tweaker. If you're a Windows Live Messenger freak, then give this a try. Its PACKED with features and scripts/addons. Thanks to it, I can listen to music through my msn, customize my nickname/signature with funky colors and codes, have antivirus software IN my messenger to protect itself from getting infected, and many more.
12) Open Office - Microsoft Word's counterpart. Who needs to go out and spend money on Microsoft's Word, Powerpoint, and other similar programs when Open Office offers you similar programs FREE, AND are compatible with Microsoft's programs as well? :)
13) Opera - Web Browser. Faster than Firefox, great security. It just lacks all the uber-cool easy-to-install addons like Firefox. I love this browser while gaming though. Because its light on RAM, it doesnt lag up while I have my game minimized. To be honest? If this computer had the RAM, I'd probably rarely use Opera. I miss my addons.
14) Pazera_Free_FLV_to_AVI_Converter - It does what the title says, in a timely manner. :) Its not packed with uber-cool features- its nice a light, easy to use. It does what the title says it does.
15)RealPlayer11 - Music/Video/Video Downloader. Ok, so now that you have Pazera's converter, you realize you dont have any FLV files to convert. Just install RealPlayer11, go to Youtube or your favorite video site, and start downloading. Even downloads flash files. :)
16) AdAware AE - Ok, to be honest, it tells me nothing. But I believe it keeps a lot of adware from reaching my cpu in the first place. Read reviews online- its gooooood.
17) Spyware Blaster - Who has AdAware AE without Spyware Blaster? Two seperate programs that work nicely together.
18) WinRAR - Still using Winzip? Boooo. Try WinRAR. Unpacks more file extentions than Winzip.
19) WordWeb - Desktop Dictonary. Small window is perfect during research or gaming, and if WordWeb doesnt know you can try searching Wikipedia for it, right inside that small window! I've been using this program throughout highschool, I love it.
20) Getright - Download Manager. Before I used Firefox, I used shitty Internet Explorer. During that time I discovered Getright. If you're about to download a big file, try downloading it with this. In many cases, it will allow you to pause and resume downloads that you've either paused or because your internet disconnected.

Wow, 20 cool programs. :)

Here Are a few programs that I downloaded today that I wish to try:
1) Pivot Stickfigure Animator
2) Evensoft SGW (Html website code editor)
3) Top Style Lite 3.5 (CSS website code editor)


Well thats all for this entry. Might blog something else later on today, who knows. :) See ya~<3

Firefox or Opera? or Internet Explorer!?

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This link provides GREAT facts on which to choose (between Firefox and Opera), but this time I have a few pointers of my own to go along with it.

I've of course started off with Internet Explorer. I mean, havent just about all of us? Microsoft always shoves it down our throats because of they always pre-install it on your cpu. Sucks, I know. Dont be fulled by Windows 7...You can DISABLE it..It's still somewhere on ur cpu. :) Look hard enough I bet you'll find traces of it. Apon discovering and using Firefox (for nearly a year now), and while Opera only a couple of days, as a computer geek, i've decided that Firefox is still best out of the three. Why? Lets play rock paper scissors.

Firefox beats Internet Explorer because its faster, more secure, and ADDONS<3

Opera Beats Internet Explorer because its WAY faster, and more secure.

Opera ATTEMPTS to beat Firefox because its unbeliveable speed, (security might be matched, not sure???) but fails to do so because Firefox has those addons we all know and love.

So who should have what browser?

Internet Explorer is good for: No one. Who wants a browser that takes a year to open and then gets you a virus before you even go to a page?

Opera is good for: Your below average to average computer user. You just want to quickly surf the net, securely pay some bills, and be on your way. You're rarely on the computer anyway so who needs a fancy browser?

Firefox is good for: Your average to advance user/teenager/web-savy person. You dont have to be a computer geek or kno how 2 speak in cpu slang, but you need MORE than just the basics. Maybe you like to blog websites you see? A person made a great firefox addon for that, I love it. Who needs to VISIT twitter to post 1 little message when theres an addon where you can post from your address bar. :) Firefox makes life on the net easier, more entertaining, and just plain awesome. Sure its speed cant compete with Opera but it tries its best. Besides, you're probably slowing Firefox down with all your uber-cool addons that Opera doesnt have anyway. :) Did I mention that i've seen an "Opera Speedial" addon for Firefox? :) Yeah, if it wasnt for Operas speed, it would probably go near-obsolete.

Go Firefox!<3

!EXTENDED! Wed Photos + Myst Fam Tree

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Yes thats right, finally divorced Wilhelm, woot! XD Now im married to my boiboi/Sharkboi/Hubbeh/****** (thought I would reveal my petpet name for him, didnt ya? XD)<3

Hihi! Welcome to meh blog myst/ao freaks, woooo!!!! I decided to post the pics I posted on Takie's blog, PLUS ADDED A TON OF MORE WED PICS!!!! (I didnt want to spam his blog with my wed pics lol) Some pics of in the church, outside the church after the wed, after ball, plus secret honeymoon pics :O!! Btw, our honeymoon was in Wave Harbor, near the mermaidsZeratul and Broccoli out, so I didnt die, lol<3>


Next up, the family treeeeeee everyones been waiting for, lol. Thank Slaflame for it, im just the uploader; Slaflame made it, so..i'm just like the middle-woman here lol, so DONT THANK ME. FOR IT! :)

PS: Sry about the order of the pics, Opera browser wont let me move them..or if I can i dont know how >.<'..Click the pic for a larger view.

Anime Animated gifs kaoani - japanese emoticons, free myspace animations, kaos smilies, chibi pictures, Anime eCards, Oekaki and MSN pixel blobs

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Anime Animated gifs kaoani - japanese emoticons, free myspace animations, kaos smilies, chibi pictures, Anime eCards, Oekaki and MSN pixel blobs

Anime emotes!!! And a lot of them!! Including the red fox (name starts with P i think? I used to know lol), and onion head, as well as anime emotes like Inuyasha and Naruto. Check it out. :)

Animated Cute Punk Emoticons | Free Cute MSN Emoticons, Emotions, to Download

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Animated Cute Punk Emoticons | Free Cute MSN Emoticons, Emotions, to Download

This one had to be blogged! Cute lil punk emotes! Woot!

Onion Head Cute Download, Free MSN Emotions | Free Cute MSN Emoticons, Emotions, to Download

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Onion Head Cute Download, Free MSN Emotions | Free Cute MSN Emoticons, Emotions, to Download

Kawaii (cute) Onion head, "anime/otaku" emotes. :P Personal emote fav<3

Vampire Kisses Gave Birth To Twilight!

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I wasnt going to say anything about this, but after checking the publication dates, Vampire Kisses came out first.

So far, two parts of Vampire Kisses also occur/ are mentioned in Twilight. SPOILERS, BEWARE

1) In Vampire Kisses, our main hunk of of a vampire Alexander leaves their SMALL little town (Dullsville), partically to protect the human girl he loves (Raven). Sound familiar? Twilight, Edward leaves their SMALL little town (Forks) to protect the human girl HE loves (Bella). Btw, apparently, the world has many "small towns", huh?

2) After reading this, I had to blog..Alex mentions that he and his family are considered "vegitarians". Twilight fans, what does Edward say about he and his family? They consider themselves vegitarians!

So..As you can see, Ms. Meyer wasnt completely origional with her novel. :)

HelloBattyCreations: Cute Jewelry!

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HelloBattyCreations on Etsy - Don't be sane, be batty!

If you've read back a few posts ago, I told you where to find Vampire Kisses the novel free to download. Well, i'm currently into book 2, thanks to that website, wooo!<3

VERY SLIGHT SLIGHT SPOILER, UNIMPORTANT INFO: Raven mentions something about "Hello Batty" figurines. I started to keep reading, but Im thinking, "do these things exist?". Unifortunately, from my quick Bing, I didnt find anything. But! I found this online merchant with some of the cutest stuff i've ever seen! If you're super girly, gothie/lolita gothie/girly emo/scene, or just like handcrafted stuff, check it out! Unifortunately again, I dont have a credit card (T-T cry, cry), so im not sure how her creations look in real life, but from the few pictures I looked at, they're beautiful, and certainly great for xmas. I plan to look at more of her stuff after reading a lil more Vampire Kisses 2. HelloBattyCreations, stay open long enough for me to buy something cute from you!<3

Small Blog Update

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Hello Hello Hello!

After blogging about finding Vampire Kisses free to download, I decided to update the blog slightly.

Comments will now popout, just like my other blog, . Why? Oddly enough, I cant get the comment table to show. If I cant see it, how do I know that YOU can? So, I made it popout, where I can see it. :)

Also, because many of my blogposts tend to be lonnnngggg..Some long article or emo pictures..I decided, for my browser's sake and yours, to limit the amount of blog posts to be shown on the main page to THREE. Just check out the archives for older posts.

Well, thats it, comment for meh!

- Blog Admin, Inuoko

Download Vampire Kisses FULL Novel Collection

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Novel Collection ( Vampire Kisses Four Novels) Free Download Novels

Im reading book 1 of vampire kisses, but I couldn't stop there! Its sooooo good! I searched online with a positive attitude- hey, might not find it online like I did with Twilight (Sorry, I dont remember where I got Twilight). When I was just about to quit- BAM. Theres a site to download it, and its NOT a stupid torrent! So Vampire Novel lovers, download at your own risk. I checked the file with Avira Antivirus and Maleware Bites, and the file turned up clean, but yeah, your own risk. All of the books appear to be in the file, but its in an html file instead of pdf. I dont know why. I would have prefered it in pdf format instead of html, but least I can read it! Enjoy ;D

(Btw: I am in no way connected to the link above, I dont run the site nor did I upload the file.)

New Emo Pix

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(Wrote By Me!) Be the Happy Emo - wikiHow

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Be the Happy Emo - wikiHow - I wrote this one!!!<3

How to Be the Happy Emo

from wikiHow - The How to Manual That You Can Edit

Article By: Inuoko (
There are many subcultures out there, and many more sub-subcultures under them. For example, there's Goth. You can be goth, or "gothic lolita" or "industrial goth". The same goes for emo. If you're emo and you like googling emo stuff, you maybe came across different emo sub-subcultures like "scene".
The "Happy Emo", while named by myself, hasnt been started by me. There are quite a few of us out there. We're the kind of emo that often looks happy, but has a dark side.
This isnt pursay an article on how to be Happy Emo, but more-so how to identify it. Maybe you're Happy Emo youself ;D..


  1. Attitude: The most important thing about being emo itself is your attitude/lifestyle. Happy Emo's, on the inside, feel like any ordinary emo SOMETIMES. We're happy every once in a while too. Having a happy attitude can overall make you happy, and unless you're an emo poser you have no problem with this. Real emos arent sad on purpose. Be overly sensitive, but cute. Us female Happy Emo's might even carry a certain.."dark charm". Cute, but a dark aura. Guys tend to have a nice personality, yet again, a "dark charm" to them. If you're into anime, think of a cute anime girl decked out in emo clothes, all smiles, cute as a button. Google Death Note: Misa. She's goth, but will give you a bit of an understanding. Happy Emos go home and does one of the various emo stereotypes of cutting, suicidal thoughts, or writes dark poetry. Take your pick. This is the happy emo. We're independent thinkers, and tend to like to get our own way. Cute, picky, fussy, emotional over anything we want to fuss over. This is where some of that charm comes in. ;D Dont be afraid to admit your emo. Happy Emos are proud emos. Stop letting people mistaken you for goth if you're not. You're emo, with a great, unique personality! Myself? Im pretty hyper for your average emo, but normal for Happy Emo.
  2. Dress: While the way you dress isnt the most important thing, it plays a bit of a role. For the most part, if you like dressing emo, dress emo. Feel free to throw in a bit of the Scene style though. I dont mean the hairstyles, but the way of dressing. Cute, but a dark edge to it. Ladies, frilly BLACK miniskirts and dark tees are your friend. Mix and match cheap bangles/bracelets and spikes. I enjoy a favorite tee, black mini and leggings, plus a hot pink spiky choker for color. Ladies, color, in small doses, goes nicely with emo, without making you look scene/too happy. Guys, dress like any other emo, but you might consider loosing the facial makeup. I love it, but you'll look happier. Girls can pull off looking happy covered in makeup a little easier. Personally, I go easy on the makeup for a more happier look. No eye liner, but a lot of eye shadow above the eye. Cute, but dramatic - a bit out of the ordinary.
  3. What do Happy Emo's do?: We're like your average stereotypical emo- we MIGHT cut, MIGHT be suicidal, and MIGHT write dark poetry. (In no way do I promote cutting or being suicidal!) If you're already emo (hopefully), you have your emo habits already. If you're Happy Emo, you might also like non-emo hating jokes. If someones acting really emotional over nothing, you might tease them a little and call them emo.(Friends only) You do NOT joke about beating up emos or stuff like that. Romance novels also might be your friend, but only dark onces! Twilight (vampires), Vampires Kisses (vampires + goth girl), and other novels might grab your attention. Of course, if you're emo, Im sure you like emo music. Feel free to venture out a little into techno. Why? You're Happy. Techno is upbeat dance music! Let loose, Happy Emo! (or at least just in the privacy of your own room)


  • Girls: Be energetic and cute/Boys: Be mellow but carefree.
  • Wear more black than anything, then throw in a dash of color
  • Keep in touch with your feelings and views on life. Be yourself at all times, and do/say/dress whatever way that will make you feel more like you.
  • You can be emotional without being a crybaby. Tears are fine, but come on..
  • Vampire catgirls rule. Why? Dark romantic vampires and their lovebites plus cute cats ears, tail, and meowing...XD<3


  • In no way do I suggest you should be suicidal/cut yourself. They're bad, but some emos do it.

Things You'll Need

  • An imagination
  • A free carefree spirit
  • A carefree attitude

Article provided by wikiHow, a wiki how-to manual. Please edit this article and find author credits at the original wikiHow article on How to Be the Happy Emo. All content on wikiHow can be shared under a Creative Commons license.

Care for Hair Extensions - wikiHow

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Care for Hair Extensions - wikiHow

Got hair extensions? Learn how to make them last longer. :)

How to Care for Hair Extensions

from wikiHow - The How to Manual That You Can Edit

Hair extensions are wonderful. You can add length to your hair or a beautiful streak of color. They can cover a bad cut or color and tie your hair in a ponytail. With all the glorious things they can do, can you return the favor? Proper care of extensions ensure they'll be around for a while.


  1. Wash your extensions. Gently! Your fake hair soaks up oils made by your head naturally. This can make your extensions greasy and fibers may fall out. To wash them, soak it in warm water in the bathroom sink. Cover them with a clarifying shampoo and rinse out with cold water. Do not comb or brush extensions when wet because this will rip out hairs and lead to a shorter life for them.
  2. Keep them moisturized, especially when you style extensions often. When your extensions are dry, comb a little bit of leave-in conditioner evenly. Don't overdo it because they'll become greasy easier than your natural locks.
  3. Make extensions tangle-free. Never untangle dry extensions with a comb. Soak them in cool water and untangle with a wide tooth comb. If absolutely necessary, you can brush out tangles in dry hair, but never use a comb.
  4. Only use stylers when your extensions are dry. Never blow dry extensions. You can always put them in when the rest of your hair is dry. If necessary, curl and straighten extensions for about half the time it takes the rest of your hair. Put them on your head when you're done styling your natural hair. This will keep hairs from falling out.
    • If you can, get two sets of the same extensions. Keep one pair "just for curling" and one "just for straightening." This will cut down on style time and damage.

  5. Only wear extensions in a ponytail if they were made to. Some extensions will fall apart in a ponytail. Read the labeling when buying new extensions to see if you can use them in a ponytail. If it doesn't say whether or not you can, best be on the safe side and not use them in ponytails.


  • You get what you pay for when it comes to extensions. If you know you're going to be wearing them often, pay a little more for the upper-class extensions.


  • Never apply heat to the tips of extensions. The heat retartand material on the rest of the extensions easily fade on the tips, and fire could result.

Related wikiHows

Article provided by wikiHow, a wiki how-to manual. Please edit this article and find author credits at the original wikiHow article on How to Care for Hair Extensions. All content on wikiHow can be shared under a Creative Commons license.

Make Coontails in Your Hair - wikiHow

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Make Coontails in Your Hair - wikiHow

Yep, another hair article. :)

Make Leopard Print Hair Extensions - wikiHow

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Make Leopard Print Hair Extensions - wikiHow

Just an article I found :)

Twilight New Moon Trailer (Official) + Random Games

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First off, have you seen the trailer for the 2nd twilight movie yet? If not..;)



Ok, now how about a few games to cure your boredom? :)


"Normal" (haha XD)

Moar Emoness (Pics + Vid)

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EMO hairstyles: Emo Versus Scene Style

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EMO hairstyles: Emo Versus Scene Style

I wanted to touch on this myself, but this article says a lil about it. :)

Emo/Scene Hairness!

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I decided that nothing would be better than to start off with a post containing uber cool Emo/Scene hair. :) I'm emo myself btw..Just my hair doesn't look all cool..Haha enjoy :P

First Post!<3

Categories and Featured Stores on 6/02/2009 11:09:00 PM

Hihi! This is my first post. :) I'm not sure what I really want to put up yet, lol. Maybe an Angels Online tutorial? Music? I have no idea XD..But when I come up with something, i'll put it up asap!