Updates on Second Life & Other Stuff Maybe :P

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Well i'm back again with news and updates.

Emerald Viewer
 Emerald Viewer is sadly no longer with us, it has been officially banned from connecting to Second Life. Don't be too sad though, there is a knock-off version here:
Pheonix Viewer . It has most of the same features of Emerald, except for the controversial faster rezzing capabilities. Personal opinison: While the program to speed rezzing had no place in the viewer without giving knowledge to us users, I do miss the speed. God, I miss the faster rezzing. :(

Second Life Bug
Ever since I lost my faster rezzing capabilities thanks to Emerald Viewer being banned, every once in a while I experience a problem where my avatar's shape and clothing fail to load, i'm im left as a cloud/white blob of nothingness. Everyone else says they can see me fine (most of the time) but i'm a cloud on my screen. No matter how many times I rebaked my textures nothing would show. The first time it happened I did this:

1) Gave my sl husband my account password, and had him long in.
2) Had him take off all of my avatar's clothing, and switch my skin and shape to a default one.
3) Logged back into my account and WOOT fixed. Just had to redress my avatar and such. (Which is why it's always good to make a backup folder in your inventory of your most common avatar components)

But i'm sure most of you don't want to give someone else your account info and instead of bothering my hubby again I googled my problem. I came up with this:

1. go in the "Advanced" client menu.
2. go in "Character"
3. select "Character Tests"
4. select "Test Male" or "Test female" regarding your situation
(Made by Zdenka Jun )

Normally, it will load the basic avatar. After that, you will be able to load your own shape and skin and clothes.

If you don't know how to get to the Advanced menu please google it! Clients are different and such, so i'm not going to say how to get there.

You can read the origional post of the 2nd solution here: Character Test Solution.

I like Jun's solution much better. ;)

Second Life: Zoobys!
A couple of days ago I purchased a Zooby Ultimate Black Husky for 2,800 Lindens. I wasn't sure if I really wanted to spend that much on an sl pet, but it turned out to be worth it. He's cute, he barks, eats, pees, and plays. You can walk him, you can ride him. There are just so many possibilities!

Me and Popsicle!