Kitty Vids/Inuyasha Final Act Eps 2 & 3

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Ok, i'm back with more vids. :) The title says it all. ;)

The first one cant be embeded, but you can watch it here: (Fatboy Slim - The Joker)

Finally, I have Inuyasha: The Final Act Eps 2 & 3 (Eng Subs) for you:

Inuyasha - The Final Act (Continuation of Inuyasha!!)

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I hope i'm not the only excited one here!

Inuyasha has returned!

I've heard all the rumors, but I wasn't sure rather to believe them or not. My mom was online, and asked me sort of randomly, "What's "Inuyasha The Final Act?"". Of course I was thinking, "Wtf is that?" SOOOO I immediately went straight to google and searched. Found out thanks to AMN (Anime News Network) that Inuyasha is back with a brand new series, woooot! Same drawing artist, loveable (and sometimes hateable) characters, same plot to defeat Naraku. So whats "new"?

Well, it's not as much "new" as it is a continuation of the series. They picked it back up from shortly after episode 167. Days, weeks, months? Who knows, but I don't believe "years" have passed.

A minor spoiler about the opening:

It's a familiar band to Inu-heads ;)

Haha that's all the spoilers i'm giving, watch it yourself! Where? Here, duh! :) I might not blog every ep, but I couldn't let myself go on without blogging the first. :)

Inuyasha - The Final Act: Episode 1, Naraku's Heart