Firefox or Opera? or Internet Explorer!?

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This link provides GREAT facts on which to choose (between Firefox and Opera), but this time I have a few pointers of my own to go along with it.

I've of course started off with Internet Explorer. I mean, havent just about all of us? Microsoft always shoves it down our throats because of they always pre-install it on your cpu. Sucks, I know. Dont be fulled by Windows 7...You can DISABLE it..It's still somewhere on ur cpu. :) Look hard enough I bet you'll find traces of it. Apon discovering and using Firefox (for nearly a year now), and while Opera only a couple of days, as a computer geek, i've decided that Firefox is still best out of the three. Why? Lets play rock paper scissors.

Firefox beats Internet Explorer because its faster, more secure, and ADDONS<3

Opera Beats Internet Explorer because its WAY faster, and more secure.

Opera ATTEMPTS to beat Firefox because its unbeliveable speed, (security might be matched, not sure???) but fails to do so because Firefox has those addons we all know and love.

So who should have what browser?

Internet Explorer is good for: No one. Who wants a browser that takes a year to open and then gets you a virus before you even go to a page?

Opera is good for: Your below average to average computer user. You just want to quickly surf the net, securely pay some bills, and be on your way. You're rarely on the computer anyway so who needs a fancy browser?

Firefox is good for: Your average to advance user/teenager/web-savy person. You dont have to be a computer geek or kno how 2 speak in cpu slang, but you need MORE than just the basics. Maybe you like to blog websites you see? A person made a great firefox addon for that, I love it. Who needs to VISIT twitter to post 1 little message when theres an addon where you can post from your address bar. :) Firefox makes life on the net easier, more entertaining, and just plain awesome. Sure its speed cant compete with Opera but it tries its best. Besides, you're probably slowing Firefox down with all your uber-cool addons that Opera doesnt have anyway. :) Did I mention that i've seen an "Opera Speedial" addon for Firefox? :) Yeah, if it wasnt for Operas speed, it would probably go near-obsolete.

Go Firefox!<3