Download Vampire Kisses FULL Novel Collection

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Novel Collection ( Vampire Kisses Four Novels) Free Download Novels

Im reading book 1 of vampire kisses, but I couldn't stop there! Its sooooo good! I searched online with a positive attitude- hey, might not find it online like I did with Twilight (Sorry, I dont remember where I got Twilight). When I was just about to quit- BAM. Theres a site to download it, and its NOT a stupid torrent! So Vampire Novel lovers, download at your own risk. I checked the file with Avira Antivirus and Maleware Bites, and the file turned up clean, but yeah, your own risk. All of the books appear to be in the file, but its in an html file instead of pdf. I dont know why. I would have prefered it in pdf format instead of html, but least I can read it! Enjoy ;D

(Btw: I am in no way connected to the link above, I dont run the site nor did I upload the file.)