Vampire Kisses Gave Birth To Twilight!

Categories and Featured Stores on 6/30/2009 02:52:00 PM

I wasnt going to say anything about this, but after checking the publication dates, Vampire Kisses came out first.

So far, two parts of Vampire Kisses also occur/ are mentioned in Twilight. SPOILERS, BEWARE

1) In Vampire Kisses, our main hunk of of a vampire Alexander leaves their SMALL little town (Dullsville), partically to protect the human girl he loves (Raven). Sound familiar? Twilight, Edward leaves their SMALL little town (Forks) to protect the human girl HE loves (Bella). Btw, apparently, the world has many "small towns", huh?

2) After reading this, I had to blog..Alex mentions that he and his family are considered "vegitarians". Twilight fans, what does Edward say about he and his family? They consider themselves vegitarians!

So..As you can see, Ms. Meyer wasnt completely origional with her novel. :)