Currently Net-Stalking Peter Kiers

Categories and Featured Stores on 8/23/2010 01:27:00 AM

There's this awesome guy I met in Second Life, his name is Peter Kiers in real life. So anyway the last time I spoke with him (a couple of days ago) he mentioned he was working on a game (here). I loved how he tried to casually slip in "I'm working on a game" into every day conversation. He's so cute lol. I've tried coding, that's not an "every day thing". There's a reason why I don't want to be a Software Developer anymore; coding isn't for me.

So yeah, now i'm sorta net-stalking him; snooping around his Twitter and what-not...Would help if it were in ENGLISH...or just one Peter Kiers on the net..I'm still trying to find his Facebook :(..So anyway i've decided that i'll try and get an interview with him about this game idea later on (and shake his Facebook profile out of him) I'll keep you posted. :)