Why I use Emerald Viewer (and Always Will)

Categories and Featured Stores on 8/22/2010 03:13:00 PM

I was skeptical of using anything but the normal Second Life Viewer at first but I heard so many positive reviews about Emerald Viewer I just had to try it out. I'm soooo glad I did. Now Emerald Viewer is all I ever use. A while after Viewer 2 came out I did give it a try and it was HORRIBLE. I hated it in approximately 2 hours. Not disliked, hated. My friend told me that Emerald had recently released a beta with alpha layers. It was a bit buggy but it was much better than Viewer 2. Those said bugs seemed to be fixed after another beta release, and now everything seems to run quite smoothly. I learned a lesson; never use anything but Emerald Viewer!

Every time I use Second Life Viewer I have some sort of problem with it. It's too laggy, and who the hell has time to learn new controls anyway? I've had an sl account since 2006, why would I want to learn a new client now? Besides, Emerald Viewer is packed with useful and fun features. Ok some aren't useful like changing the color your name/tag displays in to other Emerald Users, but it's still fun!

Long live Emerald!

On a side note, you will be missed Frac, creator of the Emerald Project. :(( If you didn't know, he posted about him resigning from the team. ( Posted Here )