Naga 2010: Chili Pepper Frenzy!

Categories and Featured Stores on 8/21/2010 03:03:00 PM

 Tampere, Finland:

Today in Finland there's a chili pepper festival in Tampere! Awesome right? 

 Look at all of them on this table! Plump chilis in various colors. I admit I wouldn't eat a chili pepper on a dare, but still, they're so colorful. :)

Here's some packaged chilies:

Now for some scenery...I LOVE photography. Particularly scenery... :)

Looks like a great spot for a picnic to me! The water looks beautiful, I wish I was there to snag more photos of it, the flowers too. 

Seemed like it must have been fun. I'm not in Finland but if they have a Inuyasha festival or something i'm soooo there in a heartbeat. Hope you all had fun at Naga!

Speaking of anime, i'm still waiting for new eps of Dance In The Vampire Bund to come out...HURRY UP.